Album Of The Month 


A decision taken after much difficulty. So many great albums have been sent to us lately the choice was hard almost cruel.

Why did “NEVER GOING TO LOSE” get it’s nose in front and win the race?

Songs being “Radio Friendly” helped.

Sean is a great guy but then so are the other artists.

You listen to a track from “NEVER GOING TO LOSE” and you think “that’s good”, listen to them all and they all sound good.

Listen to “NEVER GOING TO LOSE” again the songs sound different, you check to see if you are

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Review - Never Going To Lose - Sean Poluk 


  Never Going To Lose is an exciting refreshing take on the blues genre. It is a whole new wave of blues-roots americana all rolled into a engaging new way of presenting something that is fresh and interesting. This release is going to be definitely pushing the envelope of roots blues to a whole other level. Sean Poluk has in some ways re-invented the acoustic blues vibe and this cd stands out as an example for those who should follow in Sean Poluk's footsteps and step outside to the uncharted… Read more

New Abum Coming This Fall! 


 A new album is expected to be released this fall, currently it is being produced in Madrid by the talented Edith Salazar.

Ten original works will grace the album with a fusion of blues, roots and latin genres.  stay tuned!