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Never Going To Lose 

Is the title of Sean Poluk’s third international release and alike his previous album No More Hate, Sean called upon some talented latin musicians from Spain and Venezuela to accompany him. These ten original works are a fusion of roots, folk and mesmerizing trance blues. Combine Sean’s laid back vibe, with soulful female backing vocals and latin grooves, Never Going To Lose definitely pushes the boundaries of what you might normally have the opportunity to listen to. The album was produced by Edith Salazar in Madrid, and is the third album Sean and Edith have worked on together. (No More Hate 2018), (Never 2012).

Sean Poluk is not your typical run-of-the mill singer-songwriter. His wildly exciting interpretation of the blues fuses traditional artists with modern upstarts to create something new and special. While remaining primarily faithful to the genre, the solo artist injects his own style so flawlessly that lines become blurred and categories seem unimportant. This music kicks like a mule—born on the whisky soaked floor of a Georgia honky-tonk, but set in modern times. 

Poised on the cutting edge of contemporary music and old-time tradition, Sean Poluk is definitely the man to watch. You’ll feel the blazing sun in your face and the lash on your back as his guitar takes you to a place where the music was genuine and the pain was real. This is the blues unchained—music that harkens back to the delta, as unmistakable as the sweat on your brow and the thud of your heart. Don’t miss Sean Poluk when he rolls through your town. Music like this keeps us alive.