La Hora Del Blues Review

No More Hate 2018 

Sean Poluk is a musician deeply interested in musical research and, in this way, be able to give a new dimension to the blues. This time he has travelled to Spain to record this album, where he has been surrounded by some Spanish, Venezuelans musicians, as well as some ones coming from his own country, Canada. Although the basis of the songs can be found in the blues, each musician contributes with his own experience to create something new and different from what blues lovers are used to listen to. The album includes twelve songs where, besides Sean Poluk on vocals and acoustic resonator guitar, you will also find David Moreira on violin and viola, Daniel "Melón" Jiménez on Spanish guitar, Osi Martínez on harmonica, Edith Salazar on keyboards, José Vicente Muñoz on bass and double bass, David De La Fuente on drums and percussion and the backing voices of Edith Salazar and David De La Fuente. This is an intimate dreamlike, bucolic and mysterious album, specially devoted to daring and demanding palates who want to go beyond what we normally have the opportunity to listen to, VERY GOOD.   No More Hate - Sean Poluk 2018 produced in Spain by Edith Salazar 

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